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Keynote Speaker


To build distinct leadership for productive results in corroboration with a 25- year proven record of military and private industry service.


Stimulate intellectual growth within the human condition through excellence in teaching with emotional intelligence and cultural understanding.

Leadership Philosophy

Cultivate a continuous growth mindset because true growth equals change.

Abel B. Salazar, Ed. D (Dr. A) discovered his passion for education that he now provides an illuminated pathway for others to follow. From his 30 years of military experience and private enterprise, Dr. A has led others successfully with leadership development and training which began with his own search for solutions to his own adversities. Dr. Salazar’s self-reflection and heartfelt contemplation of his own life struggles was reflected in many people who come from underrepresented communities like the one he grew up in. Dr. Salazar discovered that he was not alone in lacking role models to provide him with a positive pathway to leadership. The lack of leadership role models gave him a purpose in life. Dr. A’s empathetic method to society’s lack of leadership development for positive role models is his approach to mainstream leadership development as an educational tool for success.

Dr. A is an enthusiastic leadership development training professional who helps others cultivate a continuous growth mindset.

Dr. Abel B. Salazar is the eldest of four siblings who grew up in the East End of Houston, Texas and was raised by a single teen mother. He enlisted in the United States Army after dropping out of high school, became a military officer, completed his service in the US Army with 4-combat tours, and through his passion for education attained a Doctorate degree in Education.

Dr. A retired from the Army as Chief Warrant Officer with 24 years of active-duty service in elite Army units within the Special Operations Community, 82nd Airborne Division, who also served at the NATO Headquarters as an enlisted member, non-commissioned officer, and Senior technical advisor. Dr. A led troops into combat in support of the global war on terror in the Middle East and conducted combat advisory duties for the Ministry of Interior in Iraq. In the late 1990s, he was part of teams leading counter narcotics, training, and foreign internal defense operations in Central/ South America.

One could say that Dr. Abel B. Salazar learned about leadership the hard way, however, through his education, leadership training, and overcoming adversity to prove to himself and others that education is the greatest equalizer. He does positive leadership development by leading events and speaking to people of all ages, including seasoned and emerging leaders and people from all walks of life about being (D)riven, (R)esilient, and (A)ctionable.

These conversations have been curated over a lifetime of emotional and social intelligence to lead crucial conversations with diverse audiences due to experience leading Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, Multinational (JIIM) teams of military professionals from other nations across Europe, Asia, Southwest Asia, and the Americas.

He has used these unique skillsets in the private sector leading teams as a defense contractor, with a Fortune 200 company, and a small business/woman-owned enterprise before embarking on his own entrepreneurial journey.

Sample Topics and Titles

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